a thought of mine has been on my mind all day, seeing as today is particularly a hard day for me, well a couple of these days are. it’s regarding abortion. no, I have never had one, i have never been in the position where i would need one, and i personally don’t know anyone who has had one, but i know a lot about them. my boyfriend and i have had this conversation often. we are very serious about moving forward together and i have a feeling an engagement is near, but this topic is very close to our hearts. i cannot have children, i have a chance but in a very small window and if things happen just right i will be blessed with a baby, maybe. there is a way where we could use a surrogate but you never have that feeling of being the mother, holding your tummy and knowing you are holding your child. i understand that for some who are young, confused, and afraid that getting rid of it seems the best way to keep the peace, be rid of the responsibility, or even the memory. well here are some options, a lot of the fear that comes from being pregnant at a young age is that you are not ready to take care of a baby, there are so many things you want to do, and you are still a child yourself. your parents are going to kill you probably because they are thinking the same things that you are. some because they really just dont want a baby, there is no fear they just don’t want to be a parent. for some the more painful, constant reminder of a rape, that whomever you were with has passed on, even if it was just a breakup, or he wants nothing to do with you. here is the option that helps solve all of those. adoption. there are many couples, even single people out there who want a baby, who need a baby. who would give anything to be a parent. my boyfriend is adopted, his parents treasure him more than anything. my best friend, god rest his soul, was adopted, he was so loved and such an amazing man. you could go on, continue your life as you had planned, and bless a couple with the gift of becoming a family. adoption most likely will be my route of parenthood, and it breaks my heart when women with perfect reproductive organs kill the gift they can carry, some of us were not blessed with that ability. the ones who want a baby more than anything. so please think, not about you and your future, but of your babies’ future, is it with you, or with someone else? what will make them happy.




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