beauty is in the eye of the beholder

hmmm. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but what is beauty? what makes someone beautiful? their eyes? their hair? their body? their personality? for generations we have been obsessed with being beautiful. all the new trends, new makeup, new clothes, new diets. we put ourselves through hell to be beautiful. why? why aren’t we already beautiful? why must we change to fit an image of beauty? what about you is ugly? nothing. humans need to be accepted, they crave love and affection and adoration, and if they aren’t getting it what can we to do to get it? why do we need it? i have been noticing on facebook recently they are having their ‘most beautiful teen’ contest. it’s repulsive. all of the pictures are of guys with rippled abs or girls with their boobs hanging out, or asses all stuck out in odd deformed shapes. how is that beautiful?? what about showing everything your momma gave ya beautiful? whatever happened to a little mystery? being a tease? letting them imagine what lies beneath? there is nothing more attractive than someone glowing with confidence and leaving everything to imagination. being unique is beautiful. not the kind of unique where someone does something they like and then everyone does it to be ‘unique’ no, it means be you, all of your freckles, don’t cover them up!? their yours to own, show off and love. your curly frizzy hair, every strand bends in a way that only you have, flaunt it! those curves that are not supposed to be there, and wont fit into the string bikini? flaunt it! wear something that fits and shows those skinny bitches what you’re made of. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so be your own beholder. look in the mirror and say “damn i look good!” because in the end all that matters is how you see your self. everyone else can go fuck themselves. and the only ones that truly matter, that truly adore you, love you, and show you affection, will tell you exactly what you already know. you’re beautiful!




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