oh love, life’s most complicated yet simple thing. something we all need, something some of us don’t want. for some we have never experienced true love. some never will. it’s like we are all running around searching for someone who may not even be there. an ancient greek story tells of when Zeus himself created humans they had 2 heads, 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths, 4 arms, and 4 legs. but then in fearing their power he split them, and had them search their entire lives for their other half, so as to keep them busy and not focus on him. will you ever beat Zeus? will you find your other half? have you? and how do you know? everyone always tells you “oh you’ll know when you found the one. you’ll just know!” do you? i believe i finally did. personally i feel when you truly find the one that completes you, they’ll do just that, complete you. Zeus feared us being whole because then we had it all, no flaws, no insecurities, we were mighty beings! a force to be reckoned with! without being whole we are weak, insecure, and stuffed full of flaws! the one that i have found for me is perfect! he is everything i am not, and he completes me. i live in a fantasy world, believing things could happen no matter what the odds, think of be as a floating balloon. he is stable solid, thinks rationally. he is the rock that weighs me down. we need each other. i need him to ground me, he needs me to fly! what breaks my heart is that there are some who will never know what i have. never know a love this true. never be with that one person made just for them. just promise me today that no matter what life throws at you. no matter how much you get hurt, or how long you have to wait. do not give up! your person is out there! waiting! looking! for you!




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