fantasy land

oh fantasy! that little world everyone escapes too, where everyone would want to be, where we wish our lives could be as they are in our fantasy worlds. some imagine up elaborate powers, where they are the supreme being, controlling the elements, manipulating fire, reading and controlling minds. some dream up containing magical powers, or living in a magical world full of creatures never seen before. whatever the world, whatever you are in it we have all dreamt is up at least once in our lives. always wishing for something we don’t have. say we were in one of the worlds our minds dream up, would this world be the fantasy land? would we dream of being powerless? no special markings, powers, world? just us, with our everyday lives? so is it even the fact we need a fantasy land, or we just want what we can’t have. when i was younger i would see cool movies involving superheroes, or magical beings and i would pretend i was in that world. i would jump around my living room, seeing what i thought my fantasy world would look like. dreaming was so much fun then, so much more exciting. now dreaming means dreaming of a job you would actually want to go to in the morning. or dreaming that you got sleep for just a few more minutes before little people jumped on top of you. whatever period of our lives we are in we will always dream, the dream may change, but the fact that we what we can’t have will always be there.




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