healing art

art is such an amazing thing. it can be used to freeze a memory, convey innermost feelings, used for a story of ones life, or even for a stress outlet. art has been my life since birth. it is a huge part of me, it was always my little nitch, the thing that always made me unique  or feel as though i belong. lately it has been a source of healing for me. a couple of years ago i had a traumatic experience, i had everything taken from me. even my art. i spent days, months staring at a canvas, trying to paint something. anything. i cried and cried, i felt empty and dead. one day i had gotten so upset about not being able to paint anything that i actually vomited. i had never been that upset in my life. after that day i tried not to force it, i tried something different. my grandma had bought me a sketchbook that had been empty for the longest time. i started sketching, the same picture every day, eyes full of tears. i have an entire book of just eyes crying, but it was something. over even more time it moved to canvases again. not the same flowery pictures as before but dark pictures…pictures that showed what i was feeling, even when i didn’t know that was what was inside. ever since i just paint, paint everything, all my free time is painting, i have never done this much art before in my life. it’s exhilarating. i have found so much about myself i never even knew before. my art is healing me heal, day by day. taking everything one step at a time. art can help anyone heal. i see it everyday. i’m even going to be featured in an art show filled with art from people like me. people who have suffered, and have something to say, and only art helps them say it, only art helps them heal.




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