what is family?  is it when people are biologically related? when you care about someone more than a romantic relationship? what makes a family? my boyfriend is adopted, if you consider family to be blood related then he would be all alone, that isn’t family to me. there are people i am blood related to that i don’t want anything to do with. and there are members of my ‘family’ that are in no ways related to me. biologically i have a mother a father two younger sisters and a brother. non biologically, in my family i have a mother, 2 younger sisters, one younger brother and one older brother. my dad i consider just the man who donated the sperm. some people don’t earn the right to be a parent. some just can’t. my older brother i have known since birth. we have been inseperable since then. he truly knows everything about me and i him. he has protected me when i needed it most, and i him. now i will never know him as his wife will but he is my brother and i am his sister. he is my family. there should be no definition to who family is because no one has a set answer. and our family trees keep expanding. enjoy those you surround yourself with, and make your family full of happiness and joy.




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