exercise, and evil word? or a word that brings peace or excitement? a word where from just the sound of it your adrenaline rush begins, and you can feel the sweet burn in your muscles knowing something good is happening. well for those of us who cringe at the sound of that word, i completely get you. i will admit i am by no means slender or skinny. i have curves in places there shouldn’t be. i have tried everything, from diets and eating programs, to workouts and gym memberships. i have wasted so much time, effort, and money. for what? i look the same if not bigger. why do we obsess over looking fit, muscular, healthy. why can’t i be healthy and larger? i am a pescetarian. nothing processed or chemically charged enters my body, i am clean wear clothes that fit, and i’m proud to say i’m not a couch potato. so why don’t i get to be beautiful? it kind of goes back to my other blog about beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but who’s wise idea was it for beauty to be defined how tiny your waist was or how built up your arms are. in some countries i am considered absolutely gorgeous, prosperous, and healthy? exercise is good for those who need it. those who want it. but when it becomes a reason to alter how you look or change your physique because of an image you see every day in a paper or a magazine, then you need to rethink your motives. you should exercise because you love it, and because you want to. not to fit a persona that everyone feels they should be.




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