imagination. it can be the most wonderful think to a child, a cardboard box alone can contain many exciting adventures, a playground could be a whole other planet, with your imagination the sky’s the limit on what you could dream up in your own little world. imagination can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. sometimes you think the worst, your imagination twists things around in your mind to create unrealistic scenes, bad ones. ones that you can’t even help thinking about, and then instead of your dream world, a fun place to play and dream up whatever you want. it becomes a nightmare, and you can’t wake up, you begin to have no control over what is happening in your  world, and it seems to get worse and worse until you feel like your head is spinning heart is pounding, and you never want to think again. your once best friend has now betrayed you, and you can no longer control what your imagination does. it is a beautiful gift, the source of many of your childhood memories. but control it. don’t let it tear you apart and leave you upset. control your world. and have fun.




2 thoughts on “imagination

  1. I guess controlling your imagination is one of the toughest battles one has to fight and it can definitely spare us a lot of pain, a lot of woulda’s, shoulda’s, coulda’s, assumptions and expectations; but then isn’t imagination a colourful blanket that covers the harsh reality, which is neccesary to keep us sane at times?
    Either way, I like your approach and thanks for linking my post 🙂

    • i very much liked your post, dreams have always fascinated me, especially your type, how some of them can make us feel so blissful, and happy, some can rip our hearts out and leave us physically crying. these deep emotions and sometimes even the lingering of actual physical touch is what always makes me ponder if they are a figment of our imagination, a window into the subconsious, a path to guid us toward what we really want, or even if it’s out own world we created. when we go to sleep our minds have created our own worlds in which we live, there is no set pattern, and no routine, just living. i have had many dreams like yours, and it’s always the last person you would expect it to be haha, then i started getting those same dreams with the same person, and eventually they weren’t dreams anymore but a reality. they do keep us sane. i can’t imagine a world without an imagination.

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