the lack of being able to hear, or hear slight sounds. what would it be like to be just you inside your head? trying to communicate with the world around you, a fast paced world that never seems to have time to slow down and see what you have to say. do we need to hear? is it necessary for us to hear? if so, why? many of my deaf friends enjoy the silence, they get more out of life through smelling things seeing things, feeling things, that us with a balanced sensory system don’t get to experience. there are times i feel almost left out. i am fascinated by sign, i am not fluent but i hope to someday be. i learn through songs. i learn the signs through lyrics and then apply them to conversation. learning to read brail would be fun too.  there is a whole other world to explore when you can’t hear what’s going on around you. my friends have told me you definitely see how fast paced everything truly is, it get’s frustrating trying to keep up. i consider them more skilled than us. they get to enjoy the small things in life, like the smell of fresh-baked goods or the color of a freshly blooming flower, without all the background noise to ruin it. and they can effectively communicate with their hands only. they never need to say a word to get their point across. you say it best, when you say nothing at all.




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