puppy love

puppy love, in my opinion the greatest love of all. the one creature you will ever know who loves you unconditionally, everyday of their existence, and never stop. i had to give away my best friend almost a year ago. it broke my heart and has done so everyday since. he got me through one of the hardest parts of my life. i have had him from the time he was born, and had always thought i would be there on his death-bed. i will always love him. he is tattooed on my arm. a dog is the world to those who have them. some people who own dogs would rather be with their dog than their own family. humans need to be loved and adored, and a dog does just that. willingly. they live to make us happy, and we just love loving them. those little wet noses, those big loving eyes, and that pink tongue just full of kisses. you can’t help but want to wrap your arms around them hold them tight, and love them the rest of your life. they are our best friends, our companions, our life time partners. they definitely leave a paw print on our hearts.




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