pain. as a noun is defined as punishment, as a verb is defined as to make suffer or cause distress, to hurt. although these definitions give a little insight as to what pain may be, they are entirely too technical and completely wrong in the sense of what pain actually feels like. there are many different forms of pain as well. the pain of a paper cut a broken bone, childbirth, the loss of someone close to you. it can be physical, emotional, spiritual, even mental. not all pain goes away. sometimes it’s able to be numbed by medication, or any other type of vice. pain can drive someone mad, drive them within themselves completely cut off from the world. it can drive such a huge stake between couples there is no going back. pain can sometimes be very good it can bring people much closer than ever before, it can show you insights into yourself that you may have never seen, it can bring out strength in you that you never knew you had. i know this from personal experience. i experienced a huge trauma. it’s been 2 and a half years and i would never go back and change it. it showed me how strong i was, how talented i was. it molded me into the person i am today, and i wouldn’t go back for anything. i lost a very, very dear friend of mine last august. he was a very close friend, and inspiration to joy and living your life to the fullest. losing him tore me apart. i still to this day cry and cry over him. there are days that i feel as though this pain from his passing is driving me mad. i’ll be in grocery store and i will hear his laugh and turn around excited to see him and nothing. i’ll feel his arms hugging me from behind and turn around expecting to see him and nothing. i feel him with me everywhere. some days it’s very comforting, others it’s pure torture. pain is very hard to understand. even though we have all experienced it in some way or other it’s never in the same degree or over the same thing. pain can often turn into anger due to when you reach out to someone for understanding they can’t. they never will be able to. a great example of this would be when say a man dies. he left behind a wife, son, and daughter. the son may feel nothing because he didn’t have a good relationship with him. the daughter may be devastated because he was her idea of how a man should be, her protection. his wife could be dead inside. he was her love, her other half, her everything, the man she created her life with, the one she promised to love forever. if the sister were to reach out to her brother he would be able to offer no comfort, he doesn’t understand. if the mother were to reach out to her children they could offer no comfort because she was the only one to ever know him in that way. pain is funny, funny thing. we’ll never be able to truly comprehend it. but we have all experienced it.





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