these are sooo cute! a friend of mine brought this brand of shoe to my attention because they have a lot of really cute shoe choices in vegan, but wow! not only are they an adorable design but such a great cause! i’m hooked! i really want to participate in the april 10th, 2012 no shoes day, i’m going to go all out to! even if i’m all by myself, i challenge you all to do it as well. we never really think about shoes and how important they are when you have them all the time, and can afford them without even thinking about it. such a simple little item can make the biggest difference, and even when you see the price on them, it’s okay if it’s a little higher, but not too high, than normal shoes, you’re paying for two pairs! you’ll get one, and so will a kid who could never have some. i am completely behind this. what a brilliant idea and way to make a living. now i just have to choose which ones i want to buy haha. i am going all out for this april 10th thing, i am def going to have a post with lots of pictures of this whole day of mine. really looking forward to it! if you’re doing it as well send me your pics! we can make a page for this! let me kow if you have done it in the past! i am sooo excited!





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