friends and change

old friends. the people who introduced you to stranger interaction and relationship development. some of these friendships can last long throughout life, lasting through fights, changing developing into the people you are today, and still going strong. some relationships fade though. you will always know who the person was, their name, sometimes see how their lives are going through facebook, but you will never be able to know them again. it just wont be possible. then there are those times that they sadly show you how much they really have changed. i had the unfortunate opportunity of seeing that in an old friend tonight. a friend of mine i had in the past we were very close then is my friend on facebook. she had the most wonderful news! she is having a baby soon! i was so happy for her, now we have never really talked before, and after a while i had noticed i didn’t see any of  her status’ and i was curious about how she and the baby were doing, well long story short she had deleted me and proven how much she really has changed, and how appalling people can truly be. but not all people are that changed. my best friend from birth i consider my brother. i guess it’s just up to fate. those who are meant to be in your life will be, those who aren’t wont. don’t sweat it, those who are in your life are there to make your life worth living.





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