birthday’s are such an exciting day for me. it’s a day to celebrate how long you have been on this earth, a day to celebrate becoming a member in a family, a day another destiny begins. some don’t enjoy celebrating their birthday, don’t like the attention, or the riff-raff, whatever that may be. that upsets me. there are those whose only wish is to make it to their next birthday, to get to say they are that old. every birthday should be a great celebration. sometimes the day comes with stress in the party planning, and the cake, and the ice cream, and the presents. i know myself i get stressed about what is the right present, what should i do to make it an amazing day, one that makes them happy and never forget that day. i enjoy making homemade gifts, my personal philosophy is ‘you can’t mass produce your feelings’ things from the heart should be just that, from the heart. and a mass-produced product cannot truly be from the heart. birthdays, valentines day, and Halloween are my favorite holidays! and birthdays are always worth celebrating. be happy to be alive! be happy to have lasted another year! and raise your glasses to many more ahead!



p.s. any great ideas or sites with good homemade gift ideas? things to get some inspiration going?


2 thoughts on “birthday

  1. haa, thank you love! it actually wasn’t my birthday, although there are times i feel like everyday is my birthday. i had just seen one of those american cancer society commericals where they have the music artists sing happy birthday. but thank you!

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