feeling beautiful in nothing

self-confidence has never been my strong point, i have never been thrilled to look in the mirror, and there have been days i dreaded shopping. that feeling of putting something adorable on and having it not fit or look simply awful, i wanted to avoid that feeling at all costs. there is a lot i cannot wear due to my body type, even if they were to have my size it wouldn’t flatter me in te slightest. so when it comes to undergarments i usually buy the ugly, generic, plastic contained, crap found in most walmarts near you. my confidence in myself has shot through the roof lately, having a good loving man will do that to you 😉 and wearing clothes i have felt gorgeous, but going home and changing into pjs, looking at myself in the mirror in my underwear it makes you wanna cry all over again. but this is where the confusion comes in, anyone can go out and buy lacy stuff, but i want it to look good on me! there are certain things i cannot wear because they will make matters worse, and there is no way i would feel comfortable to got o say victoria’s secret, and have them help me find something that looks pretty. for one, they barely have anything in my size already, they have very limited selections for those near my size. now, i am not obese in any sense of the word, i just have curves in places that most do not, and that the media finds very unattractive. it would be highly embarrassing to me to go into public like that and try to find something that looks beautiful. i’m very confused as to what to do here. there always seem to be obstacles in trying to be completely self-confident. we’ll see how this goes.





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