your love story

everyone has their own love story, you see so many of them in movies, in books, songs. of how people met what they go through together, and how they end up to gether forever. one thing that kind of annoys me is when people try to compare their love story to others or to the movies and books that they read. no one’s stories are the same. but each are beautiful. a favorite movie of mine is ‘he’s just not that into you’ i love it because it is so true. there is a rule, and for that one special person you are the exception. they all were so busy running in circles, thinking something will work because the exact same thing happened to someone else and they are so happy. but they find that’s not how it works. you have to write your own story. some like in ‘up’ have been friends their entire lives, best friends, and then take that leap into a lifetime of love. some meet in the middle of life, when things are starting to take form and decide to grow together, and live their life. some like in my great grandmother‘s case don’t get together until much later in life, after children, after previous marriages. and live what remaining years they have left together. there are so many love stories. some where they overcome such odds that one would think would tear relationships apart, but they stand strong together. even some where they have been kept apart by war, or family. whatever the story, most are beautiful, and all are never the same. cherish your love story, don’t compare relationships, and tell your children, and grandchildren, about your love, and how you came to be. what is your love story?




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