one of those days

whew! well i can absolutely say, with 100% confirmation that today, is ‘one of those days’ woke up after having quite an odd dream, one that made me sad to begin with, then checking my emails to see my tax return was denied, and the list continues of little things here and there that have made my day become ‘one of those days’. i hate these days. you’re bitchy for no possible reason, there is nothing that can seem to make you feel better, you feel extra whiny and bothersome, and you want to go away and be in solitude, but that will only make you feel worse. there is no happy ending in these days. blah, is the perfect tone for what you experience also: meh, eh, and ugh, seem to be great vocabulary for this day. and doing something doesn’t usually help because you aren’t feeling yourself and end up just doing a crappy job. so yes, i hate these days. that weird anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach, the sluggish almost fatigue feeling of whatever, and taking a mental health day doesn’t help because you aren’t in the mood to do anything, but not doing anything is completely out of the picture. any cures for these kind of days? anything i can do to somewhat smile? even on these days things that normally wouldn’t bother me at all are my biggest problems. and it seems venting on here much doesn’t seem to be helping either because it’s so depressing. so blah, blah, blah, and have a day! may yours be better than mine!




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