your ‘type’

everyone has a type, someone they tend to be attracted to more than others, a list of a few of my qualities are, super tall, a bit on the chubbier side, RED HAIR APPRECIATED, and for the personality, sweet, manly, and all over loving. although sometimes the ones you love most, the ones who you are meant to be with are nowhere near what you expected, or thought you had wanted. i have a personal belief that everyone has someone they were created to be with, someone who will match them perfectly, make up for what they lack, and vice versa. but sometimes looks will take you away from that person based off of your ‘type’ the wonderful man i am head over heels in love with is nothing that i would imagine i would have ended up with, and i am the happiest i have been in my entire life! he is much closer to my height, and i am quite small to begin with, he’s on the chubbier side, a RED  HEAD, an amazingly sweet person, not quite manly, and he is incredibly loving! i hit the jackpot here and there, but he is the thinker, i tend to act first think later, i tend to be more of the fantasy oriented person, and he thinks logically. he completes me in more ways that i had ever imagined possible. so be very careful, keep your eyes, heart, and mind open. don’t limit yourself to a ‘type’ dont look away or over the possibility of true happiness, love, and bliss all because at first glance he wasn’t what you wanted. because he could be more than you ever wanted or needed! 🙂





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