how long?

’til death do us part’. is that when love ends for you? if you have found your true soul mate when your bodies die does your love go with it? despite what i have heard and learned from others, a part of me doesn’t want to believe that’s true, i want to believe that when one of the two parts they wait on the other side. it just seems that after spending an entire life together, sharing everything, bonding, no one will ever know you as well as they do. so why would you be parted when your journey in this world is over? why wouldn’t this world be your test, see if you’re worthy to last in the next. some couples go through hell and back here. going through the worst possible events together, never giving up on each other, standing strong. you should be rewarded in the end with an eternity of togetherness, not separation. this subject really makes me want to change my vows, or write my own, because i don’t want my love to end after my heart stops beating, i want to know i will see him on the other side. we wont have to deal with each other’s issues anymore, any pain, any problems, because we already have been through that, now is when we get to have the fruits of our labor as a good way to put it. i think that is the one thing i fear the absolute most. not that i will never find someone, not that i will lose them but after a lifetime of love and being together, that’s all we have, that we are done once that last heart beat stops. that is what i fear most. a time limit.





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