where in the world?

where is that one place you have always wanted to escape to? travel to? live? visit? i have always dreamed of Ireland. i would love nothing more than to just drop everything and spend an entire summer there. never waking up in the same place, seeing as much as i could see. fall off the face of the earth for those few short months, then pick up right where i left off in the real world. just imagining the new smells, the environment, the people i would meet, the food i would experience. this would be the one place i run to. the one place i want to experience. if i go alone, that seems to be the question. i may just make it my honeymoon, we’ll take the summer off together and have an adventure we will never forget. well at least the beginning of the adventure we’ll never forget. so if i ever happen to disappear for a few months at a time, don’t look for me. i finally made it to my Ireland!






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