one day without shoes!

well today is the one day without shoes for TOMS shoes!! it’s been very interesting at that, fortunately for me i didn’t have very much to do, so i didn’t have to worry about going a lot of places shoeless. but the more i thought about it the more i realized how much not having shoes will really limit you in this country. you wont get service in so many businesses and establishments without wearing shoes. what if you honestly cannot afford shoes, where your situation is either dinner for the family or a pair of shoes. i’d chose the food too! but they wouldn’t even let you buy it in the store because you didn’t have the shoes on. now that to me is really pathetic. was there really such a problem with lazy people not wearing shoes into stores that now, anyone without shoes on cannot go in where they want to? once you walk a day in no shoes you realize how much you really need them to survive everyday life. not only for being able to get into places, but for sanitary and healthy reasons. i completely get the point of today, and it was a lot of fun!





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