adopt a soldier

well! i just had the honor of joining a website where you can adopt a soldier and be their pen pal and send them care packages every month! i am so excited about this. i have wanted to do something like this for such a long time and  a friend finally brought this website to my attention and i just jumped on the opportunity! i come from a long line of service men, and i myself have wanted to join the air force, i wanted it for so long. come to find out i physically am ineligible to join. but i do as much as i can personally to support the troops. i think what they are doing over there is very honorable, brave, and wonderful. my hat is off to them, i would love to be in their boots, but i will just cheer from the sidelines. so i raise my glass to you! those of you risking your lives for complete strangers! those of you fighting everyday so i can go to sleep at night safe and sound, and wake up the next morning in the same safe world. those of you that are completely unselfish! i raise my glass to you! be safe, and thank you!





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