painting the rain

painting the rain, the true test of an artist’s skills. i have dreamed of being able to paint the rain. i have been able to do a couple paintings that look like water running down a window frame, but rain, falling rain, is so complex. rain drops are solid but clear, and they contain the colors of the environment they are in, which can vary from green, pink and yellow, to red, orange, and purple. far fetched from our misconception of the common blue rain drops. you also have to use darker and lighter colors to create dimension, show that it’s a 3d drop, not just a flat smudge from the sky. after that you have to take in account the motion, rain is moving, it is falling straight down and ending with the clatter of a symbol against the ground. sometimes rain is falling with a slant, stinging and angry. the motion, the colors, the emotions, the depth, all of that has to come perfectly into harmony to truly paint the rain. my dream is to harmonize these elements, and bring a beautiful painting to front to finally paint the rain. the test of a true artists skills.





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