beauty around you

this quote rings truer and truer to me every time i read it. the city is more of an obstruction to the nature around it. everything seems to die as skyscrapers stamp themselves into the world. the native americans learned to flow with the land, their moving around depended on where the herds went during the different seasons. their homes were built where the land permitted it. their livelihood came from the things around them, and they thanked the sources for providing them with the sustenance to survive. they saw themselves as a tiny speck on this massive planted, and that they shouldn’t interrupt everything that has been in stone long before they were here. and they saw the beauty in the way things already were. the original design for it. they saw themselves as guests. not permanent fixtures. which is how they could appreciate the beauty around them. the vast open fields that dance in the wind. the roaring waterfalls spilling over the side of the world. the mighty forests with the tallest tress standing tall and proud. uninterrupted, undisturbed, perfect, just the way it is. it’s beautiful all by itself, the uniqueness in everything, not one thing made twice, the patterns, colors, movement, is all spun together to create the beauty that is around us. the city only wishes they could be as beautiful as nature. it mimics it in the way they try to be taller than the tallest tree, but in the process cutting it down. they use the patterns in the designs to keep everything standing strong, but in the process levels the strongest rocks. one beauty has to force itself upon us, and needs art to make it beautiful. nature does that all by itself.





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