the miserable beautiful

demi lovato, she is a girl i have always thought of as stunningly gorgeous. it broke my heart to hear what had happened to her. raised my spirits to see her thrive afterwards. i was googling pictures of her a few moments ago. you can defiantly see the weight change from her struggle to now, but she still looks as stunning if not more than before. i saw a picture of her in a bikini an clicked to get a better look. her picture was on an entire website dedicated to her being ‘fat’! i was appalled! she looks amazing! i would kill to have a body like hers! it’s this kind of thing that sickens me to my core. the kind of thing that makes me not want to have children so they don’t have to be under this kind of pressure. i then typed in ‘anorexia’ i got a few pictures of gruesomely skinny girls. but the majority of them were covers of vogue. girls in heels and makeup. aka society’s view of beauty. this makes me sad. us women strive for beauty, vanity, much more than men, it’s how we value ourselves. so being told you’re too fat to be beautiful hurts on a much deeper level than anything. because essentially you’re saying we have no worth. then our own image gets distorted in the mirror, or view and self respect dissipate. we no longer feel as though our lives our worth living. so my question is how can one be so cruel as to say such a thing to someone. every woman is beautiful in her own way. she glows with a radiance only a woman can have. beams with the pride and dignity only a woman can hold. some girls are naturally skinny, born with being thin. they are still just as beautiful as the woman in the size 18. don’t listen to those fools. they know nothing about you. because if they did. they would say you were beautiful.





2 thoughts on “the miserable beautiful

  1. Thank you for pinging this beautiful post of yours to my post “Don’t eat, be skinny.” I definitely agree with the points you’ve cleared on this article of yours. You can be beautiful because you are beautiful — no matter what size are you.

  2. Demi is hotter that ever!She has curves and that face is such a blessing! I’m not a big fan of her music ,but she’s truly beautiful!

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