the definition of strength as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary is all about force, vigor, the amount of energy applied. what about the strength you gain by experiencing difficulties in life? by being slapped in the face and left for dead by life and being able to stand up and walk away with a smile. i myself have experienced some great tragedies in my lifetime. sometimes i look back and wonder how i came out alright. how in the world did i experience all of that and still have the ability to smile? to love?! my pain had a purpose. as much as it stings to say such a think my pain has a purpose. my pain in one area has allowed me to realize what people in my life were really there for me. i have lost a lot of friends, but it only means i am going to be gaining more. it has enabled me to choose better romantic relationships, be with someone who treats me right. losing a dear dear friend so far has taught me to value everyday, you never know when it’s your last, and that every goodbye, with anyone you love has to be sufficient. i don’t know what else losing him is going to teach me, probably much more i myself can’t see right now. all pain has purpose, and don’t let anything tell you that you wont make it through. you will. what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. so don’t give it the satisfaction of it taking your soul. you will never be that person that you were before. i know i’m not. it took me a long time to realize i wasn’t getting her back. but i love who i am now.  i’m  a stronger, better, happier version than before.





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