mother earth

so! i have come to a whole new belief lately and i feel like talking about it, so i am. hahaha! i have done a lot of soul searching lately, and reading a lot of books on different views from mine and i can say now i believe it more than ever. everything around us isn’t as ‘inferior’ as  we make it seem. i truly believe that the earth itself has feelings, emotions, a soul, a life! she gives us what we need and never asks for anything in return. but we keep asking for more and more, and that’s what is very sad. her beautiful terraines and vast forests, high mountains, empty plains, are all being leveled and built on. we’re making her ugly! we’re polluting her air, water, ground, everything! we’re making her sick. we are such selfish beings, thinking that we have the power to do whatever we want with no consequence. we are very wrong, and someday we will see that.i am not trying to come off as a ‘hippie freak’ or a ‘save the earth’ person. but i am saying that we should really pay more attention. we aren’t the only ones here. we need to be a wee bit less selfish and think first. she’s a lot bigger. we need to respect her, love her, and care for her, just like she does for us.





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