so, sitting at the dinner table today with my family we have a bouquet of big beautiful roses that i got my mother for mother’s day, and being the artist that i am, i began to focus on the colors, the textures, the smell, and then i felt them. have you ever felt how soft flowers are!! i have never felt anything more soft than flowers!but i am sooo glad they haven’t tried to duplicate this amazing feel! it makes me wish i could shrink myself down and climb inside a flower, all cuddled up in it’s soft petals. as tiny as thumbellina, get lost in a world of smallness and find out the different feels of the things that are too small to feel as big as we are now. it must be a whole different world. we think we’re small now, tiny specks on a small planet in a huge universe in a vast galaxy, one of many galaxies. now that is small. but to be tiny, in our already tiny world. where bees would be the huge monster we are afraid of! there is so many things we could discover! how does grass really feel when it’s massively taller than yourself! how does dirt feel when you aren’t heavy enough to squish it? what does sand feel like if it’s too big to squeeze through your toes? how would rain be? it’s nothing when you’re large, is it deadly when you’re small? one drop could kill you instantly? it makes me wonder what life would be like smaller than a bug. would i like it better than life now?





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