well now, i came across this delightful video on yahoo just a few minutes ago, and was happy to hear there are others out there like me with the same opinions on the dreaded bikini!! i have been trying to squeeze myself into one of those tiny, pathetic excuse for fabric things for years. nothing makes a curvy woman uglier than a teeny tiny polka dot bikini with everything falling out all of all of the sides and the crevices. that can kill anyone’s good day. now this lady agrees with me wholeheartedly! bikini’s for real women! ones with curves in places they probably shouldn’t be by society’s standards, but are beautiful in every way possible. and they are actually cute!! these designers need to keep the whole world in mind when they design outfits, and i can guarantee you, we all aren’t a size 2. we want something fashionable, nicely cut, cute, and something that fits. there is nothing worse than walking into a store in the best mood and going to look for an adorable swimsuit, and the biggest thing they have could barely fit on your thigh! or having something in your size, but is so unflattering to your figure you begin to hate yourself! i haven’t gone swimming in years because of this exact problem. and i love swimming, i miss it dearly. this makes me glad, that they are getting it out there, that there are beautiful real women, who want a good looking swimsuit. we want to feel pretty too when we’re walking at the beach, going to swimming parties, or even just having fun with our families. so here’s to you mam! there are those of us standing behind on you! and commend you for getting it out there! here’s to the fat-kini!!!





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