well! today has def been one of those days where looking up at the clouds alone for a while was very needed. today has been one of those trying and emotional days where it’s a true test at whether you want to work at something or not. running is always the easiest way out. but if you run from everything you’ll never accomplish anything. and even though staying and working is very hard sometimes, and the emotional turmoil that can come with it can be heartbreaking, it’s worth it in the end. i was thinking all of these things as i was laying and looking at the clouds, and as i was watching them move and change and twirl around i found myself not thinking about my problems anymore. i was focusing on the movement of these clouds, the colors in them, and how you almost feel like them, floating on air, blissfully going through life as though you have no worries or cares, and then when your thoughts aren’t consumed by arguments and anger you begin to imagine again. i was beginning to imagine what was on the other side of the clouds, where the sun shines. what is on the other side of the cloud, the side we don’t get to see. i began to imagine kingdoms on top of these clouds, with families, and people, and that somewhere up there, there may be someone having a bad day too looking down and wondering what’s on the green, under their cloud. what would they call us? would we be any different. it may just be a fantasy land, but i have felt very peaceful today because of it. sometimes just staring at the clouds and taking your mind off the world around you, to feel better, you just have to look up.





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