yours, mine, and ours!

well! it’s been a while since i have posted on here, and i thought it was well overdue. s i have finally found not only someone i can make art with, but they are some beautiful pieces! drum roll please…my boyfriend! for our 6 month anniversary he had found this beautiful antique mirror with a crack through it that we used glass paint on, and painted a beautiful piece that you can still see through! plus we did a few canvases that may i say are stunning! well we discovered that he has an amazing talent with spray paint and as he has been playing around with them has created some pieces that are simply gorgeous! so in the spirit of the titles of this post, we have decided to sell his and our work on my etsy store!! i would appreciate it if you guys could check it out! tell me what you think?! buy some even! they are greatly priced!! it means the world to me that i have finally found someone that not only i can create with, but we create some beautiful pieces of art. so please! enjoy these pieces as much as i do!





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