my new journey

i absolutely love exercising. i never thought i would say that sentence in my entire life. i was the kind of person where if you saw me running you better start running because something BIG is chasing me! but i do, i absolutely love it, i feel awful when i go for an amount of time and i don’t. this is such a huge change for me, but i have been accepting it with open arms. my mind set has completely changed about this! i was so comfortable in who i was, how i looked, and it takes one thing that challenges you. makes you make the decision. are you going to live with this the rest of your life? or are you going to step it up, fight back, make a change, and not only become a better person, but get rid of the problem. i decided to step up. i’m in a huge changing point of my life, i’m heading off to school here after taking a break after high school, and i am starting my life. but to start that life i need to show myself i’m not going to let problems walk all over me. and to be honest that’s exactly where i am with this. exercise, losing weight, and getting fit isn’t just a physical thing for me, it’s def more psychological, more deep. the weight is my shield, it’s my excuse of just eating and forgetting my problems, and unless i change and get rid of it, and learn to face my problems, i will forever be this way. so i stepped up.






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