up close and personal

so i added a nice long midday walk to my already intense workout routine starting today, and may i say, it was absolutely wonderful! it was incredible to walk around such a quiet neighborhood and hear all the sounds of nature, and actually see the things you never get a chance to truly look at when you’re zooming by on a bike, or in a car. it made me really wish i had a very good camera that could show some of the beautiful detail that happens naturally. it had just rained here and we have a lot of grassy bushes, to see those dancing in the wind with the tiniest water droplets on it was stunning. but it also made me think, what are we missing when we are in such a hurry to go no where? when you hear the phrase ‘stop and smell the roses’ i finally understand it, instead of driving by as fast as you can and getting just a blur of what is all around you every day or who is around you, stop for just a moment and take in your surroundings, see how beautiful, exciting, and worthwhile your life really is, not just in nature, but in your family’s faces, and the little things in life. don’t let your memories in life be a blur, have then be detailed pictures of the beauty all around you.





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