scaless weightloss

I have been in the process of losing weight for a little over a month now, probably the longest without giving up due to it not being the time for me to, but overall an amazing past could of weeks. I have changed so much I can barely handle fried foods, and I haven’t even looked at a McDonald’s since before this had evestarted! but there is one thing I am quite unsure about, and are pretty in the dark about, I have no idea how much I weigh. when I started this whole journey I had weighed myself once before it began, and I can tell you now with the upmost confidence, I weighed a solid 222 pounds. I know! simply dreadful! I have met those quite larger, but for me it was utter disappointment. I am 5 ‘2″ of petite stature, aka not very large boned. my doctor told me for a healthy weight I would need to be no lighter than 120. 120!! that’s 100 pounds! how had I let it get so bad!? so I am vowing here todayfor all the world to see. I’m going to lose 100 pounds without ever once stepping on a scale. I believe that I can perform, feel, and lose weight so much betterwithout a number swirling in my head and letting Me down.A and I will only get on the scale once I feel that those pounds have been lost and that a number won’t make what Iworked for any different.






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