Losing yourself

20121119-001338.jpg it takes a lot for one to move from their childhood home, to another living space, either by themselves or with room mates. In doing this, you begin to find out things, you never quite new about yourself.for instance, how shitty life has been to you, and the true damage it has done. I am young, but have felt very mature for my age for a while now, i would never do ‘childish’ things. I used to talk like there was no tomorrow, cling to my friends in the halls, act silly or bubbly whenever I pleased. When did i get chilled? I began to notice none of these things i did anymore, and that not caring what others thought suddenly became very important to me. I had soon realized i developed the most high tech excellent defense system. So good in fat, it has managed hide me from me. And i hate it. I just want to be me again. I have lost who i am, trying to protect myself. But the scariest part of all, Is i don’t know know what to do..



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