Our home

I have been working on a huge project for over a month now for a class i have been taking, and it has made me discover something i knew was there but never let shine through before. My love for the environment. I have been thinking of way after way after way to use what I already have at home, to make new things, and new ways to use what I have that would otherwise sit in a landfill. It has made me become so much more conscious to the awful things we have been surrounding ourselves for the sake of faster, cheaper stuff. When what we’re really doing is screwing ourselves over. We are causing so much more harm than good, not only to ourselves but the beautiful world we live in, or what’s left of it. My mind keeps going to the wonderful little children’s movie i saw a while back, a movie called wall-e, and how the entire planet was overtaken by so much trash, that we had to abandon our own planet, and it shakes me to my core to think that in the path we are on, that’s where we are headed, and maybe in my lifetime. I addition to losing our home, we’re killing ourselves for the sake of faster production, and don’t even blink an eye at it. All of the chemicals we are pumping into our foods for the sake of creating more and faster. What saddens me the most is the deceit and the ignorance! No one is paying enough attention to what is actually happening, or they just plain don’t care. As the great dr. Seuss says “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”




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