i am a pioneer.

well! long time no speak eh?! i had a dream about this blog last night and i missed it!!! so so much has happened lately, i feel as though i am a completely different person! well by the way happy new year! and what a year it has been! my new years resolution [[or as my sister says it revolution which i kind of like as well]] is to not get stitches this year haha you wouldn’t believe how much that is actually a problem! i gave up negativity for lent and it changed my life forever. i made a huge decision this year, actually a couple and my life will never be the same. i stopped going to school. mostly for money purposes but i decided i was done. i refuse to take the same worn and beaten path any longer. there is this ‘circle of life’ that society has set up for a us. a way of life we somehow all believe that we have to follow.




elementary school

middle school

high school






grow old


and that’s it? now don’t take me wrong if that makes you happy then by god do it! but i wanted to change my story. i wanted my story to be worth reading. im coming up on my 20th birthday here, two decades on this planet and as of right now my story is VERY interesting, but it wont stop there. i left school because i wanted to change my life. i wanted to be as my great great grandfather was when he came over here from Greece  a pioneer. i shouldn’t have to be swallowed in debt for the rest of my life working in restaurants and other peoples bakeries to pay off my education. [[this wont be a rant about our messed up schooling system]] i should do as he did, save some money and but all of my blood, sweat, and tears into a place of my own. at 19 i have started 2 businesses. i am engaged to the most amazing man i have ever met! and i will succeed. i was sitting at my desk at school when this all slapped me in the face!

[[flashback moment]]

i was standing with my mom in the kitchen after my baking business wasn’t where  i had wanted it to be and told her i needed to go to school to answer some questions. i went, they were answered, and here i am now. i have had more fun these past few months in all of my life! and i want to do it again and again until the day that i die!

i will not take no for an answer, i will chase my dreams no matter what! i refuse to fall into the same circle of the same old story

i have nothing to lose, only to gain. i am a pioneer.





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