Well I have come to a very interesting point here in my life, getting it started. Everything never seems like it comes fast enough, like you know where you want to end up, but you skip the journey and all the good stuff so you can have it now. Making the decision not to be like everyone else has changed me in ways I can never describe. I’m free! Everything that was holding me back before is just an item! If you get creative enough you can get around it. I am open to so many different possibilities that before I would’ve been hesitant and even against! I was never meant to be normal, I have always known I was meant for something great, what that is I haven’t discovered yet. All I’m doing is maintaining who I am while trying to build a life. But my story, once I’m long gone will be worth telling. My paintings will be worth owning, I will be someone. This is only the beginning.





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