New medium

Lately I have been using a new medium in my life for creating art. I feel every artist in order to be a true artist ahold b able to do 2 things 1. Be very versatile and be able to work with all kinds I mediums, 2. And be able to paint the rain. My newest medium has been crayon, I have had so much fun creating new pieces and learning how to control this medium, how the colors work together and how it feels and reacts to certain things. Not only has this new medium struck ideas in my head for another etsy shop haha (I’ll post a link later) but I apply these rules for a true artist in real life. We must be versatile, we must be able to make beauty out of anything life hands us, paint a picture worth hanging on your wall and saying ‘yeah I did that, I got through it, and look what I made of it. But also learn to paint the rain! See the beauty in every drop around you, dance in it, laugh in it, kiss in it, learn to love the saddest times, because they are the times that will tell everyone who you really are. Don’t let life bring you down, paint a picture with it. The best quote someone has ever told me is ‘maybe it’s time to paint a different picture’ so! Are you a true artist?



P.S. Someday I will paint the rain and post it here, but for now enjoy my newest piece available in a print. Message for details.



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