Just me

Well there really is no reason for posting this post today. I just want to be updating regularly. It’s been a pretty bad day so far. It all started last night. But you all get to think and guess why happened because until things figured out I won’t be saying much. But I will say this. That social networking site whisper, it’s pretty awesome, I got it out of curiosity and it had been ad amazing help in virally screaming out my frustrations and no one knows who I am, I get it off my chest, AND it makes them look almost beautiful. It’s a pretty wonderful thing, if you tend to keep a lot of your damaging thoughts in I recommend checking it out! Secrets can be such a dangerous thing. If you don’t share them with the one you love they think you don’t trust them, but it could hurt them. This is a place to tell but not hurt anyone. This is appearing to be a very blah post so my apologies to those expecting my normal brilliance and jubilant self. I wish I could laugh at that. Well there you go, hopefully tomorrow will be a more inspiring and beautiful day! Have a Mary Kay day, think pink! Carpe diem! And all that other good stuff.





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