Sisters, a complex but beautiful relationship. Your God-given best friends. They are the one person in the world that one minute you’ll be laughing your heads off and the next tearing each others hair out. I have 2 little sisters, each of us having our own individual personalities, but also being incredibly alike in many ways. We were meant to be together. Your sister is your first relationship, it’s the first person you share with, talk to, fight with. You learn how to coexist with someone, you share secrets, hopes, dreams, fears, and can vent to them. My relationship with each of my sisters is different, Chelsea is 2 years younger than me, she is closer to my age so when we would go through the same ages together it was easier to have someone who was right there behind you, my other sister is Natalie she’s 6 years younger than me, a much different age gap, my relationship with her has always been fun, acting like kids, but I can also give her much better advice than I could for Chelsea, I had so many years on her my objective is different. Out of all of the beautiful memories I have with them the saddest thing is seeing them grow up, I love them, care and treasure them, I have this overwhelming feeling to protect them, make sure nothing hurts them and that they are always happy. Although they are just my sisters, they teach me how to laugh, love, protect, and even let go. But being sisters, will always bring us back together.




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