I know I post a lot about love, and all the secret pathways and deep rivers it goes through but bear with me! I’m a true romantic at heart. After seeing this amazing picture my heart soared and I just had to write about it. Everyone dreams of being totally and completely financially secure when they get married, have their dream wedding, a house, even cars. But what about just being with that person and letting the rest take care of it’s self?! 81 years and not a single wedding photo until now. That’s love, not looking at the things involving each other, but just wanting to be together. You spend your whole life looking for some one, you find them, let you let meaningless things get in the way of that? Money is dead, you give life to it, or let it kill you too. What truly matters is those 81 years, spending time and space with someone made just for you, enjoying each other, and never letting go.

This is where faith steps in, and some excellent survival skills. Be smartly stupid, save what you can, love all the time and dance through life to that beautiful song only true lovers can hear that drowns out all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’ blurs any images if negativity and plasters that one smile onto their faces as they twist and turn without a care. I believe in love, I believe everyone deserves it, I pray you all find it, and may you all get 81 years and memories that are priceless.

P.S. look at how lucky they got! 2 wedding days to the exact same person 😉




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