Good morning all and what a beautiful morning it is!!! I absolutely love fall especially August and September! Comfy sweaters, scarves, and fun times, I used to dread this time because school was around the corner, but now I look forward to it! The smell of crisp cool morning air, morning dew has small crystals as it trying to decide which season it’s in. And to be honest in the Midwest you never know what season it is! Cuddling up with a good book, some tea and a blanket, it’s almost as good as July’s thunderstorms! I get my best inspiration from fall, I used to think Summer was my element since it was my birthday, but I have defiantly, grown to embrace, treasure and love the fall! Happy August everyone! Enjoy the day, take in everything around you, who knows what you may find when you stop away from the hustle and bustle to take a long slow look around you at the beautiful world we have.




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