Well I wasn’t going to post today, but I had just enough time and I really wanted to say something about this. I received a comment last night on my post about people about how animals have the same uniqueness and personality traits and should be allowed to love their lives as freely as humans and I completely and totally agree. I believe every animal has a purpose on this earth and are all unique and special in their own way, my puppy ‘my son’ is unique no one will ever be like my Riley and he holds a special place in my heart, he deserved to have just as a happy life as I do but, I also think humans should have the same opportunity, there are many fellow humans who will never know freedom, happiness, or even life. I am pro life as damn proud of it. I have always had an extreme protective instinct and it’s a huge part if my personality and what makes me unique. If I care for sown thing I protect it. Those that are slaves or under a horrible leader deserve to be happy. Live their life’s by their terms. But I also am an advocate for those who don’t get a choice in today’s ‘pro choice’ argument, I can get quite riled up about the protection of our future generation, that they should be cherished and given a voice. I would lay down my life to protect another, and I will give my voice for those who cannot speak. Everyone deserves a chance at life, wether it be human, dog, cow, or chicken. We should stand together and protect everyone, no matter what the circumstances, because once we have lost our desire to protect life, what do we have left?




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