What makes up a person? Aside from bones, blood, oxygen, water? It’s so incredible how everyone of us is so unique, there isn’t one person out there exactly like you. Why? Well first off none of us have the exact same DNA, even if we have the exact same parents, family, everything. No one has your style, the things you like and are attracted to, no one has had the same experiences, no one has had their lives molded quite like you. No one had the same personality, what you may laugh at some one else just stares. What you want to do with your life, or what you really want to be when you grow up, your hopes and dreams are all uniquely yours. We’re all a piece of artwork. Beautiful colors here and there, different moldings that give us shape and motion, nicks, scrapes, and debts where life has hit us hard. Gloss sealers where we closed off parts of our lives permanently. But who’s the artist? Do we let life guide us and we just roll with the punches, adapting when we need to. Or are we our own artist, choosing which areas get color, if we choose to change after certain events, or I we find our debts attractive. I am my own artist, I choose to be happy no matter the circumstances, I choose to add color everywhere I can, and I proudly show my scars, bumps, bruises, and breaks, they show everyone I’m still human, I can bounce back, and I’m still here still standing and proud.




One thought on “People

  1. Mr Midnight from the blog of Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself liked your piece.
    He said that animals also share the same characteristics as you describe above but that many are not allowed to experience their lives as they should.
    It is taken for granted that human beings should live a fulfilled life, but It would also be nice if the human race could not only think about itself so often, but also discover real peace by allowing other living beings to also have a chance of a life as well.
    With best regards.

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