Day dreams


Day dreaming, a child’s past time, when you would sit back, stare at the sky and think of everything you wanted to be, could do, dream up entire worlds on those clouds, about how maybe there is a cloud princess staring down there at you. Or even now as an adult staring out your office window dreaming of another time or another place. What if people could see what you’re dreaming, wishing, wanting. All of those day dreams of another job, maybe a different spouse, or a fancier car. Would people think of you any differently? Would you be different. Would you stop dreaming? Would you change your dreams to fit others desires and wants? Or would you just stay the same. Life would be totally different if we could see each others dreams, it may be easier, or it may be harder. The only advice I can give you is to keep day dreaming, and maybe, just maybe, you’re day dreams will be your reality.




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