Well I had been racking and racking my brain all week trying to think about something to write, huge writing block. And the it slapped me in the face, why not write about writing itself?! Writing is an amazing thing, a language itself is so amazing, that not only can we form sounds into meaning but we can form lines into meaning. A word cannot only mean exactly what it says but can portray an underlying meaning. So many writers say their writing can say what they can’t say. It can give a voice to the voiceless, strength to those with none, and even portray feelings that the writer my not have known. I’m excellent at writing essays, I can create things with words of power. Stories I can think up in my head are easy, putting it in paper not so much. But there are some that the paper is their canvas, they can create some of the most beautiful stories, the most emotional words. Emotion, it’s amazing that simple lines when put together can make you cry, happy, angry, just as a painting with color, and lines. A writer is an artist the paper and pen their tools, as the world at their finger tips!




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