To live forever. No time limit, or expiration date. So many of us seem to be attracted to the idea of living forever. So many movies, books, songs play on this fantasy of time never running out and we just eat it up! But if you had the opportunity to live forever would you take it? Could you handle watching all of those you love grow older and pass away, or the life of a nomad, never getting close to anyone so you don’t lose them too. Eventually losing your memories to the overload of new information you see daily. Forever alone. Or would you say no, live as though you will never see them again, grow old alongside your loved ones, experience everything in an unique way because it will never be there again. Be excited over birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving. Celebrate in the good times and hold closer during the bad. When you have an expiration date life is worth living. Ones story must have an end. If I were given the opportunity between forever and death I would choose death. Because although it breaks my heart to see my loves ones pass away, move on without me. It won’t be a matter of good bye, it’ll be a matter of I’ll see you soon. No amazing story is worth reading if it goes on and on and never ends. The best part is the end! Where you find out if they lived happily ever after. Sure the fantasy seems great, living forever, never growing old, seeing so many wonderful things! Embrace your expiration date. Live life to the fullest! All of our days are numbered, we don’t know which ones will be our last. Don’t focus on what’s your number, focus on the wonderfully amazing things that will get you to thy number, and make your story one worth reading.




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