Well today is a particularity interesting day, my sister is competing in her second pageant, and this time I am her pageant coach! We’re crossing our fingers that she wins, and who knows if my first client can be a winner I may just go into pageant coaching! So many people miss understand pageants. They think that they are snobby beauty queens that wouldn’t be able to do 2+2. When in fact they are very wrong, it takes a lot of work, and practice, and a TON of knowledge to do what they do. Many of them even use this opportunity to gain scholarship money for school, and recognition for extra curricular activities. If anything, these girls should be praised for what they do. They have beauty and brains! There are many times that I envy my sister of the things she does, getting out of her comfort zone along more then I would ever be able to. I may have a larger personality and a lot more confidence but the bravery that she has, the drive, is something I envy but admire in her. She’s an amazing person all around and i wish her the best of luck, lets hope my next post is good news!!




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