One of my favorite shows is bones, I’m absolutely addicted! Although bones and booth are my favorite characters Angela is the one I can identify with the most. My fiancé and I are actually incredibly like Angela and hodgens. But he also pointed out something incredibly true about her. She has the hardest job out of all of them at the lab. You would think it could be sweets for being the physiologist for all of them, or cam to be constantly strong and the leader of all of them, even bones for having to take the humanity out of the bodies she examines. But in fact it’s Angela, because she has to put the humanity back in. She has to see all of their faces. For an artist, drawing, painting, creating, is an emotional experience already you put so much of yourself into your work, you have to, or the creation would never happen. Every work is apart of you. She puts a little but of herself into every face, every victim that comes in there. I can only imagine the pain she experiences, and yet she still smiles every day. Still loves, still lives. She may just be a character on a show, but to this real life artist she’s a hero. I could never handle that personally, I could never see those faces. She can and finds joy, so I raise my glass to you.




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